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Residential Curbside Service

Collection of garbage, recyclables, and yard trimmings is collected on your scheduled day.



Charlotte County provides curbside single-stream 回收alt文本 程序. All 回收 materials can now be “commingled” or mixed together in your 回收 cart. Learn more about 回收 from 回收101.

  • 垃圾邮件
  • 钢罐
  • 杂志
  • 纸板
  • 纸板
  • 报纸
  • 电话簿
  • 铝罐
  • 纸箱(不含液体)
  • Plastic Containers (codes 1-7, empty)
  • Clear, Brown, and Green Glass
  • 玩具
  • 食物
  • 庭院废弃物
  • 池覆盖
  • 衣架
  • Foam (cups, meat trays, egg cartons, packing materials)
  • 电子产品 or hazardous materials
  • Plastic bags (return to supermarket)
  • 医疗废物(专家药品等。.)
  • Extension cords or Christmas lights or wires

Curbside Yard Trimmings

​​Place your yard trimmings loose in an extra garbage can, paper lawn and leaf bag, 或者捆成一捆.

院子里的装饰品会 他捡了起来
  • Weigh more than 40 pounds each
  • Yard trimmings placed in plastic bags
  • Limbs more than six (6) feet in length
  • Limbs more than ten (10) inches in diameter


Residential improved properties are allowed 4 cubic yards of bulk item pickup per week. The items must originate from the improved property that is assessed an annual sanitation fee and placed in front of the property. 

  • 4立方码 
    • Unbundled yard trimmings
    • 拒绝
    • 笨重的物品
  • Additional 10 properly bundled, bagged, or containerized yard waste 
  • Construction debris from renovation or home improvement
  • Any waste in excess of 4 cubic yards
  • Debris placed on property adjacent or across the street

Prohibited items will 不 be collected and must be removed from the curb within 24 hours. 

Appliances (White Goods)

Appliances will be picked up 4 times per year on your scheduled service day at no charge. 

To schedule a pickup with a 领取申请表 or call Waste Management at 941.629.1106 or 941.697.0012(恩格尔伍德地区)
  • Call 2 days prior to your scheduled day
  • Remove doors from refrigerators and dishwashers
  • Place your old appliances or furniture at the edge of the right of way, the same vicinity as you place your garbage cart, 回收, 等等……

Household 危险废物alt文本

Motor oil/filters and non-leaking lead-acid battery collection is available on your scheduled service day.

Place items 5 feet away from your garbage cart. 
  • Oil in a transparent gallon container (milk jug type) with a screw-type lid 
  • Filters in a clear plastic bag 
  • Non-leaking vehicle lead-acid battery

It is illegal to dump any household hazardous waste into sewers, storm drains or anybody of water.查看更多关于 illegal dumping and illicit discharges.

Not all hazardous waste can be picked up curbside. 参观 Household 危险废物 page to learn more about how to properly dispose of hazardous waste.


Charlotte County residents can recycle 6 passenger tires per year curbside. Residents in unincorporated areas can place tires with rims at the curb on their 回收 day.


不受欢迎的电子产品, 电子垃圾, can be picked up on your regularly scheduled service day by request only.

  • 电脑/笔记本电脑
  • Monitors/Keyboards/Accessories
  • 打印机
  • 电视机
  • Video & 音响设备
  • 微波炉
  • 电话

To schedule an E-Waste pickup with 领取申请表 or call Waste Management at 941.629.1106 or 941.697.0012 (Englewood area) 2 days prior to your scheduled pickup day.

Delivering Exceptional Service

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